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    I have a galaxy s3 with 10.2 cyanogenmod, for a year and a half now.

    This is not about recovering the lost pictures; this is about this not happening again.

    Today I opened the gallery to look for a picture, and I see only 1 picture I took last night. Pictures stores in the internal memory and I only plugged the phone to the wall charger since I took the last-visible-picture.

    I have auto backup enabled so I didn't lost any pictures (fortunately); but I remember this happened to me a few months ago (not that fortunately that time) and, because that, It's difficult to conciliate the idea this is "random stuff that happens".

    Pictures are not in any other folder (checked with ES file explorer and browsing the phone connected to a PC). And since it's internal memory I can't use recuva or file scavenger.

    Still, it's VERY annoying; I need some pictures on my phone and now I have to download hundreds of pictures and copy them to the phone again. And this situation fills me with insecurity... what could happen if, at an event where I took many pictures and no-wifi to auto-backup, suddenly the pictures get erased?

    And, why? Why "all pictures gone" and no other file in the internal memory? Why pictures require constant backup, and in this year and a half I didn't lost any other file that affects the phone (or a particular app) operation? This is clearly an issue with android and the pictures.

    I've read about this could be about taking a certain number of pictures... can anyone confirm that? Is there a workaround?

    Thank you very much!
    06-02-2015 03:00 PM

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