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    When I got my telephone, a Sony Xperia M2 I installed the QuickPic app, and arranged my photos into folders. I then began to use the normal Sony Album. I uninstalled the QuickPic app. I now have the Imgur and Flickr apps. I just use the Imgur app for storing pictures or just uploading them to the internet easily. If I take a photo that I want to upload on my Flickr account I have to upload it to Imgur, (doing this also has a few problems) and then save it on my desktop. Then I finally upload it to Flickr on my desktop. I can't just directly upload a photo to Flickr on my telephone because even though when I go to the uploading icon, I see an image of the photograph I want to upload, when I click on it, it brings up the old QuickPic folders, which I no longer use. This only happens on certain apps, it does not happen on Instagram or Imgur. I would like to be able to upload my pictures directly to Flickr. Should I install QuickPic again and try and to delete the folders?
    06-02-2015 04:10 PM

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