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    Hello Frieds,

    I have an Asus Iconia A510.

    Steps I did before I got to briked:

    I had installed 4.2.2 with the CyanogenMod and I had the CWM recovery version on it. Everything worked (almost) perfectly.

    I wanted to upgrade to Lollipop 5.1 with the CyanogenMod distribution.
    (Because I did not know about the new security in 4.2.2 USB debug, I did not authorize the tablet to connect to my PC bore starting the upgrade !!! BIG MISTAKE )

    I did a backup with recovery

    Before installing the CyanogemMod I've read I had to upgrade the recovery as well.
    (Again, I did not saw the recovery for the A510 had to be with TWRP ... not CWM, second big mistake)

    The problems starts:

    After upgrading to CWM and rebooting I had a big surprise ... error, cannot find update.zip and reboot ... I'm not able to boot 4.2.2 anymore.

    I did a backup before, so I wanted to restore ... no access to recovery options.

    I trid to use ADB with a USB connection to push the old CWM version ... got message Offline.

    Updated the android SDK and got the latets USB driver.

    Not I have Not authorized.

    Since I can't boot the OS, I don't have the RSA popup, so I can't authorize .

    Briked !!!

    Is there a trick to "bypass" the USB protection?

    I've open the tablet and I have access to it's internal component, in the old days there was a way to "reset" a bios or "flush" a flash memory by "jumping" the ships connectors. Is there a "hardware" way of accessing the ships/flash or something to give it a jump start?

    Any idea or help would be appreciated!

    Thank you !
    06-12-2015 10:56 AM

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