1. perfectseoul's Avatar
    The Cliq 2 is being marketed by T-mobile as a '4G phone', presumably because it supports speeds of 14.4 MBps. They've also said it will come with the mobile hotspot feature, but on the website it clearly states it is a 3G hotspot.

    My question is - with the mobile hotspot feature on the Cliq 2 will I only be able to get 3G speeds when using it as a hotspot or will I also be able to get the 4G speeds the phone is capable of.

    Additionally, this is less clear on the G2 and MyTouch 4G, but does their mobile hotspot feature kick the data speeds back to 3G or is it at 4G speeds?

    Thanks in advance for the help!
    01-14-2011 12:16 PM