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    My phone think it's Sunday-January 6th, 1980 and it's about 2 hours slow on display time! (It's Wednesday 6/17/15 today!) This is the second time it's happened this month. It also seems to be about 2+minutes slow when it does have the correct date. Any ideas why?
    06-17-2015 01:03 PM
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    NO - it's not. It's 1980.

    You are dreaming right now if you think you are in the future.

    What device do you have?

    (Put your money on Ronald Reagan, I have)
    06-17-2015 01:53 PM
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    If the phone is set to automatic time/date/timezone, your carrier has a problem they may or may not know about, so go into the nearest store and show them - they'll have to call someone, probably their network people. The phone shows the time and date the tower says it is, and that should be set by a GPS signal, which should be accurate to a lot closer than 1 second at all times. (Some towers may use WWVB in the US, but that's also accurate to a small fraction of a second. WWV (the radio station of NIST - I'm still in the habit of referring to it by its call letters) defines what time it is in the US (there are others in other countries, and they're just about as accurate), but radio propagation delays change the speed of light and and reflections off the ionosphere change the length of the path, so the accuracy may be limited to about 20 ms - that's 0.02 seconds, but it hasn't gotten higher than 10ms or lower than -15ms for 1,500km in years. The actual accuracy of the clock has been under 30 ns for years.) A one second error is bad. A 2 minute error is like flying from New York to Paris and landing in Nome, Alaska - it's totally wrong. 30 years? Someone give me the address of that time machine - I'd love the Nobel Prize I'd get for announcing it to the world. If the time halfway around the world was 30 seconds off, there'd be people scrambling all over the place to find out what's going on. (The same time that drives your phone's time and date display makes the GPS system work - and if that fails, a lot of planes are going to be landing on the wrong continents. 2 seconds can make that difference. 30 seconds could make a plane land on the ISS if it were capable of getting there - it would probably be more than a 25,000 mile error.)

    If you have it set to manual, change it. (I don't know why they ever put that in Android - all towers have supplied the time and date for over a decade.)
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    06-17-2015 06:18 PM

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