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    Hi everyone,as you can see what I'm asking,does anyone know how to help me,it's really important,because I want my OS android back.
    I have lg g2(D802).Few days ago,I updated my software from android 4.4.2 kitkat to android 5.0.2 lollipop.After that,I saw that's more than half of memory was filled(my memory is 10GB in total).When I had kitkat,it was 9,5 GB empty,but when I updated software,it's says that's only 4,2 empty.Later,I mean after updating on 5.0.2 of course,in settings/about memory I figured out that 5,8GB took system data.I wasn't sure what was exactly system data,so I decided to do hard factory reset to see will it get back software to kitkat and everything to normal(I wasn't sure does it going to delete all software updates,it was first time to figure out).Something didn't work factory reset in settings(I don't know why),so I searched on google other way to factory reset my mobile and finally found that other way,using recovery mode(TWRP).When I get there,I saw wipe option,so I get there,saw there system,so I selected it for wiping.Together with him I selected data,cache,Dalvik Cache and internal storage(for internal storage I was sure to do that,because I put all document and pictures on computer,so it wasn't a problem).Because I didn't know what is system data and wiping system,I figured out on that way and learned something new.
    After all that,I had only that recovery mode on phone,nothing else,because you know without OS,you don't have anything instead bios.I found on google way to put new OS using recovery mode.First to download custom ROM.zip file for my model of phone and to select version of android.After downloading that on computer,via USB cable need to transfer that zip file on that same phone(regardless on losing OS,it will appear files from phone on computer without problems and just put there downloaded ziped ROM file).After that steps, on phone select option install in that recovery mode,it will appear files from internal storage,then find your zip that you transfered,select it and phone will start flashing,so to have that custom ROM or just OS.

    After all that talking,finally I coming to question and explaining my problem.
    When I connect via USB my phone to computer,it's appear all files from phone,that's ok,but when I try to put downloaded zip file there,something doesn't working and stuck on start.Could someone help me please,I don't know what to do without operating system android.
    06-29-2015 11:07 AM
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    You have to flash the operating system (which is called the ROM in cellphones, even though a ROM is hardware in electronics). You can use either the LG Flash Tool and the .tot file for Lollipop (D80230, or something like that - D802 is your phone and 30 is Lollipop), or you can use the LG Mobile Support Tool and the kdz file fr your phone for Lollipop.

    There are threads full of tutorials at LG G2 - XDA Forums
    06-29-2015 05:29 PM

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