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    First of all guys its definitely not a noob question, i have come across softbrickes may a times and i definetly know this one is not the usual type of question,
    coming to my problem
    i was working on a project for the modded stock LG optimus L7 rom for my fellow guys in XDA ,and was first time flashing the newly extracted rom from stock kdz(4.1.2)
    the zip had all the necessarily stuffs like the kernel, system etc , but i really messed up in the updater script(which i only noticed after the phone got bricked) i have attached updated script below (new 2.txt)
    coming back to the process ,the installation was succesfull (by using cwm but as soon as the recovery was exiting it said like the root status has gone and do u want to push 'su' to xbin ,i knew that the rom was not going to boot by this warning as i have came across this one so many times ,all those time i could enter recovery or at lest emergency mode for re flashing stock rom ,but not it this case
    as soon as i rebooted the phone gone to a black screen (i didn't see the lg logo also)
    as the installation was unsuccessful i pulled the battery out and tried to power on ..
    but from that instant the phone didnt turned on (i don't know exactly what has occurred but there is no response to on ;power button cant enter recovery ,no emergency mode , and not even recognize in pc (i have all the drivers installed) )
    so guys what may be your opinion in this problem, help really appreciated
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    07-08-2015 10:40 AM

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