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    Hi all,

    I bought my mum a google nexus i9250 for her birthday. It was second hand, but only 4 months old (I saw the paperwork) and the old owner received it as a replacement through his warranty. The phone seems to have no problems charging. However, after using the phone for about half an hour, the image on the screen will break up into lines which move back and forth and go fuzzy, before the phone switches off. After the first time this happened, I installed 360 security antivirus, thinking it could have been a virus. But after a short while using the phone, the problem happened again. It then happened a third time, and just before it happened on this particular time, the battery was about two-thirds full. The phone wouldn’t switch back on after it switched off, so I put it onto the charger, and then it would switch on, but with no battery charge (when it had 2/3 just before the incident).

    I don’t understand what is happening, maybe the screen going fuzzy sucks the life out of the battery? :S

    Mum has also mentioned that the phone drains from full charge in about 4 hours, which seems unusual for a 4 month old battery (if it is 4 months old….). I obviously don’t want her to have a dud, so if anyone can give suggestions or explain what is going on I’d really appreciate it.


    I also forgot to mention that I have purchased a new battery, since it does need a new one. But I don't see how a draining battery could cause the screen to do that funny thing?
    07-14-2015 07:40 AM

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