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    Does anyone know where and how to get a new voice for the voice navigation?

    I know this is driven by the phone's TTS (Text to speech) engine, which is by default "Pico engine" and has THE WORST voice for Navigating... I'd honestly rather have HAL 9000 tell me I can't do that.

    I know about "Classic Text to Speech" by SVOX Mobile Voices, but they charge for every voice they have. (Their British Female would be the ideal voice)

    I've also heard and tried "eSpeak" engine, but this has failed like everyone else who Ive seen.

    I have also installed "Text to Speach Extended." which I believe is what I need inorder to change which engine drives the phone, but I still cant seem to get anything to work.

    Is there no way to get some sort of voice that doesn't sound like f**ing Stephen Hawking?
    And has anyone had any luck with espeak?

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    01-20-2011 07:59 PM