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    A few months ago, I bought an Android phone called an Ione Max 4G. I know, I had never heard of it either. But it was a good phone and must have been new since it had the "daydream" option. Anyway, I started having problems with it keeping a charge. Sometimes it would go from 100% to 0% in under 30 minutes, then wouldn't charge when it was on the charger at all. But, if I left it alone (NOT charging) for about 24 hours, and then later plugged it up to charge, it would charge up to about 20%. Eventually though, it just stopped charging altogether. I purchased a new battery but that didn't work. The phone hasn't ever turned back on. I have a new phone, so normally I wouldn't care. However, when I had the Ione, I signed up for a Gmail account and a Google Wallet account. I had money on the wallet and had purchased several apps with it. I, like an *****, didn't write the email account down and now I can't access it OR the Google Wallet account. I desperately need to because the Wallet has quite a bit of money on it and I spent money on apps that I don't want to have to buy again. I have spent hours on the phone with Google CSR's but all they can say is that I have to get the old phone to turn on just long enough to find out the email I used. Does anyone have ANY suggestions? I would appreciate any help. If I am just out of luck, well, it is what it is! I thought I would try posting on a forum as a last ditch effort. Thanks for ANY help you can offer!
    07-15-2015 10:24 PM

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