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    I have owned my Xperia Tipo for two years now. Overall it works pretty fine but I'm currently having a problem with the music player... I had stored about 195 songs in my phone, most of which are in the external SD card, and I recently decided to put two more songs. I put them to my phone using the Sony PC Companion, but when I tried checking them out in the music player, instead of showing immediately, there was a "Loading" indication. The same thing happened when I tapped the shuffle icon. The problem was solved when I deleted those two songs, but today I added three other songs hoping that there would be no problem and the problem came back! I know it's not anything important, but it still isn't normal to wait until the song or playlist loads instead of showing immediately. It may work if I restart the phone several times or wait until it's fixed, but is there a limit of songs or anything else that causes the rest of the songs to load slowly?
    07-17-2015 06:27 AM

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