1. polkmklop's Avatar
    I have a Huawei Valiant from metroPCS and am not receiving texts from anyone. I was trying to free up space on my phone and tried deleting a message thread that was over 10,000 messages long and I think it might've messed something up. After around 20 minutes I got an error message saying something went wrong and thread was still there. That was 2 or 3 days ago and ever since then I haven't gotten any texts until now. The text I received was replying to something from last night and I know it was late because I was talking to that person through another means of communication shortly after I sent the text. Also, my brother said he has sent 4 texts since I tried deleting the long thread and i haven't received a single one of his. I use Go SMS Pro to text and I tried clearing the cache to that and to the default texting app my phone and restarted my phone there's still something wrong.

    Any help would be appreciated
    07-18-2015 09:46 AM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    First back up your texts with SMS Backup & Restore. Then clear the data from your texting app. That should clear out all your texts. You'll have to learn how to read an xml file (it's text - just figure out the headers - in <> - that mark the start -<> - and end - </> - of a thread) to read the SMS B&R file and manually delete that long thread, then you can restore the file to the phone with SMS B&R. (Work on a copu of the file, and restore that, so if you mess something up, you still have the original, Never modify the original of a file that has important data.)
    07-18-2015 08:13 PM

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