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    well it says E and my connection isn't well when I have highspeed data. I have T-Mobile for this device
    07-21-2015 11:49 PM
  2. Laura Knotek's Avatar
    What device do you have?

    Is it branded to T-Mobile or an unlocked device from another carrier that you are using on T-Mobile?

    How is your coverage in the area? Could it be that you aren't getting good signal from T-Mobile where you are at?

    Have you contacted T-Mobile? Perhaps you need a new SIM.

    Are any towers in your area being serviced?
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    07-21-2015 11:51 PM
  3. Crashdamage's Avatar
    E stands for Edge, aka 2G data service. You could say E = slow. There's few areas left in the country (maybe none by now) where T-Mobile offers only 2G service. Probably everywhere there's a T-Mobile signal at least 3G service is available.

    2G data service kinda piggybacks on the cellphone (voice) signal. 3G and LTE data service is different, it uses a dedicated data network. Laura is on the right track. Apparently you have no data network signal because of:

    No coverage or the network is down or...
    You have a device not compatible with T-Mobile or...
    You have a SIM problem.

    Are you sure you have a compatible device?
    Have you dialed 611 and talked to tech support?

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    07-22-2015 09:32 AM

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