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    Lately in Sweden the media has written about accidents where phone batteries and chargers have exploded or caught fire when charging during the night. Therefore I don't charge during the night anymore. So the other night I was charging my one year old GS5 phone before going to bed. I stopped charging at 50 % or so (I didn't have time to charge it fully). I turned on power saving mode with the "restrict background data" to save as much battery as possible. I also set my alarm. Then I locked the phone and went to sleep.

    The next day I woke up late. My alarm did not go off. Very strange, I thought. I stretched our for my phone and realised it was turned off. It had no battery left. So I charged it and turned it on to look into battery history. I was really shocked and confused at what I saw:

    The battery history showed that shortly after I stopped charging and had turned on the power saving mode, the battery drained to 0 % in matter of a minute or so. Very strange. This has happened to me before once.

    My battery overall has been draining pretty fast lately, but not in this kind of scale. What is wrong? Is it my battery or my phone?

    The telephone is not rooted and is a Galaxy S5 from August 2014. The battery and charger are all original products from Samsung.

    GS5 phone randomly shut down-plm0me7.jpg
    GS5 phone randomly shut down-vjsy8mm.jpg
    GS5 phone randomly shut down-g9e5hh3.jpg

    07-30-2015 03:59 PM
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    1. It's true that lithium batteries have exploded. Ebola is rampant in parts of Africa, and it's more likely that you'll catch Ebola in Sweden than that your battery will explode or catch fire. (Sony had an entire shipment of batteries go bad, and it cost them a fortune. Since then, battery manufacturers have learned a few things.)

    2. Chargers can go bad - at night, during the day, on weekends - they don't know what time it is. They normally don't explode - a capacitor inside a charger might explode, but it won't even crack the case, it'll just make you wish you lost your sense of smell for a few minutes - it stinks. As for burning, I've never heard of or seen a charger burn (and when I got into the cellphone business, there was no way to store phone numbers - you dialed each call and the display was LED, so it's been a long time with no burning chargers). I suppose some cheap Chinese charger might, but I have my Samsung charger plugged in now for about 21 months (it's always plugged in) and it's still sitting there, ready if I need a quick charge. I've plugged the phone in and left it plugged in for a day or two many times (I think the longest I ever had a phone on a charger was on a workbench I seldom used - it was "charging" [the charger shuts off when the battery is fully charged] for a few months.)

    3. From the graph, it looks as if your battery is throwing a small dendrite - that's the little drop almost to zero, then the rise back to more power than before the drop. Lithium Battery Dendrite links explain what they are and what the industry is doing about them (when a US$5,000 electric car battery throws a dendrite under warranty, the manufacturer isn't too happy). So far, they seem to have a few things they might look into, but no ideas of where to definitely look for a solution. An S5 battery is cheap, if you have to get a new one.

    4. Your mobile signal is VERY weak. That draws more power from the battery, because a weak signal coming in means a weak signal from the phone to the tower, so the phone runs its transmitter at maximum power. You might want to investigate using a carrier with a better signal where you are. (That's always the first thing you choose - not plans, not phones, but coverage. If they give you a $1,000 phone for free, and a free unlimited account, and there's no coverage, you have a pocket computer, not a phone.)
    07-30-2015 04:23 PM

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