1. AC Question's Avatar
    there is nothing on how to remove what do i do?
    08-03-2015 09:39 PM
  2. Sebiiii's Avatar
    Also interested in this. Phone is locked. Id like to add, that when i enabled the Anti-Theft, I gave a second cell number as backup in case the phone was stolen (Anti-Theft asked for it). After completing the activation of the Anti-Theft an sms was sent to me (in the backup cell number) in chinese.


    远程锁定: #password1#

    远程销毁数据: #password2#

    找回密码: #password3#
    This roughly translates, to options: 1/ give password1 to wipe phone from distance (in case its stolen), 2/ give password2 to lock the phone (1 and 2 might be vice versa), 3/ give password3 to reset your password in case you forgot.

    The only problem is that theres no indication how to use the codes. The sms doesnt mention service name, website or something as far as i can see through google translate at least. In the main keypad you cant type '#' character or letters as far as i know, and in the emergency calls keypad, these codes dont work. Tried several ways of entering em but it didnt work.

    So besides trying to find a way around the privacy protection password setting, would be nice if anyone can suggest a way to enter the codes, or have some experience with chinese services . Fat chance...

    • Wipe data doesnt work,
    • phone is no brand from chinavasion,
    • usb debug wasnt on when this happened.
    • Dont have stock rom backup,
    • dont have scatter file, the only thing i can do with the phone atm, is go to factory mode and play with the device tests
    08-04-2015 04:15 PM
  3. Steve Hayes1's Avatar
    What happened with us

    We had apparently set up OH's number as the rescue number which was sensible

    When i fitted the new sim or input a bad guess at the password protecion code OH got a message sms from the changed phone with my sim card in saying
    Please remember the number of this mesage in case your phone is stolen which is an utterly effing useless message
    BUT what you do
    you reply to this message #pin#
    and it replies back with a number eg 12345678
    and you input that number into the locked phone and voila!

    so the system is pretty good, but the implementation is fershugginer criminal

    I found this on a WIKO forum which was the phone type

    Note it's the phone which imposes the lock, not the sim card

    send a quid to Save The Children if this just saved your sanity
    08-18-2015 01:54 PM

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