1. svenson14's Avatar
    I tried searching, and did not find a solution.

    Samsung Captivate
    Android 2.1

    I have all of my contacts (that I care about) on the phone. I want to know how to import the contacts on my phone TO Gmail. I tried importing the vCard file, but Gmail gives me an error.

    Once I get the contacts in Gmail, I would then like to Sync ONLY the contacts I care about (Not all of my 600+ gmail contacts that I have only contacted once)

    And I hope its not too much to ask, but I'm hoping for a solution, not a workaround.
    01-26-2011 12:53 AM
  2. sandeep108's Avatar
    AFAIK, the vCard way should work. Try a few at a time and then export to vCard and import in Gmail>Contacts. Otherwise Samsung should have a PC link and use Outlook as a stepping stone.

    I do not think there is any way to selective sync. There are several workarounds though:

    1. Open a separate a/c only for your contacts.
    2. In display options select only contacts with phone numbers.
    3. Create groups in Gmail>Contacts, then use display options to display only a certain group.
    01-27-2011 02:52 AM
  3. takeshi's Avatar
    Make sure your contacts are gmail contacts and not phone contacts as well.
    01-27-2011 08:33 AM
  4. svenson14's Avatar
    Make sure your contacts are gmail contacts and not phone contacts as well.

    Ya that was the first part, how to get the phone contacts to Gmail.

    I think I figured most of it out.

    Fist, I exported the Phone Contacts to the Vcard, then I Imported the Vcard into the PHONE as a Gmail Contact (This added the contacts to gmail). From gmail I was able to quickly edit the contacts, which was needed for the contacts with duplicate identical phone numbers from all of the attempts to fix my contacts.

    With my contacts in gmail, I was able to add the Phone Contacts to any group ("delete me" group), which I then deleted the Group and the Group Members.

    I still cant figure out is the Syncing of "My Contacts" and not all of my Gmail Contacts.

    1. I don't want to make another (3rd) account, JUST to keep my contacts separate.
    2.I will use the display phone numbers only option for now.
    3.I would LOVE to create groups withing the Gmail contacts, but unfortunately, in the Captivate, my contacts exist under one "Gmail Contacts" Group. I cannot Add, Remove, or Modify any groups. I can only add Phone Contact Groups (Groups for phone contacts, not Gmail).

    If anyone has a way to distinguish my contacts and gmail contacts on the phone, that would be appreciated. It would be very helful to make a family, friends, etc. group(s).
    01-29-2011 03:21 AM