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    Hi, guys...

    I've read about a dozen threads on here from folks complaining about running out of space on their S5s due to installed apps, even through there's a SD card installed. I'm having this exact same issue, and am hoping one of you experts can assist me.

    My phone has 16GB of internal memory and also has a 64GB SD card installed. Right now, after (yet another) round of clearing cashed files and diligently re-locating apps that can be moved to the SC card, my current storage is:

    * System Memory: 4.51GB
    * Used Space: 13.65 GB (!!!!) - 13.42GB of this is apps, 881MB is in images (despite the fact that I send all these files usually to the SD card... hmmmm... and the rest is in DLs and other trivial stuff
    * Cached Data: 224KB (good)
    * Available space: 562MB (booooo!)
    * SD Card Available Space: 52.06GB

    As you can see, I have TONS of free space on my SD card, but I'm not able to move a huge number of apps to the card. Worse, there are a ton of apps that I assume are Samsung bloatware that I can't move or even uninstall (AT&T crap I'll never use... "Baby Crying Detector" (WTF)... a bunch of Google-specific stuff I assume are system files...).

    I've heard that ATT phones are prone to bloatware, but is there ANYTHING I can do (short of rooting my phone, which I really don't want to do) to either remove the unwanted apps or at least move them to the SD card??!?!? It drives me nuts that I have a 16GB phone, have added a HUGE SD card, and am vigilant about moving anything and everything I can to the SD card, and I ***still*** keep running out of space every week or two.

    ANY assistance is appreciated - thanks so much!!
    08-12-2015 09:05 AM
  2. Mooncatt's Avatar
    I think you're reading something wrong (or maybe it's displayed weird) because you didn't list space occupied by the OS itself. The OS and related files are likely taking up about half of the internal storage. In today's world of apps getting bigger and the amount that can be moved to the external SD card getting smaller, 16GB phones are starting to suffer now.

    I've heard of a rooting option that can now allow you to install apps directly to the external card without doing an initial install to the internal storage. That's beyond me, just one one started seeing being posted about the forums. Another possible problem, but not too common, is text messages. If you text a lot but don't have the messaging app set to auto delete old messages, they will eat into your storage space.
    08-12-2015 11:48 PM

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