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    hello and thanks for helping hoere is my problem:

    my phone lg-h221g

    the history:

    -decided to star from a fresh factory state on my phone

    -wanted to try rooting my device to eliminate bloatware in the phone memory used the kingoroot guide

    - device successfully rotted using kingo root

    -backed up using "titanium backup"

    -eliminated what i considered unnecessary bloatware avoided all of the "android" and other important things using to "System app remover" by Jumobile

    -after the elimination i couldn't access google play store anymore and my stupid mind tought that the best way to solve it was to restore to factory default again didnt solve problem i got 2 errors:
    *Desafortunadamente, servicios de google play se ha detenido* (something like "unfortunately google play services has stoped")

    *Desafortunadamente, el proceso com.google.process.gapps se ha detenido* (something like "unfortunately the process com.google.process.gapps has stoped")

    -so now i dont have root but still have the same problem but i have the backups from titanium backup in my pc

    other than that my phone is ok
    so can some one help me? what can i do to recover root and to be able to use google services and download apps again?
    08-23-2015 09:45 PM

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