1. frenzy757's Avatar
    I dont really use minutes very often....I want the cheapest data only with no text plan (I use Gvoice and for MMS I just email)...

    I see the 65+ plan for 200 minutes, does Verizon have any way of verifying age or can I get that without a problem?
    01-31-2011 04:18 PM
  2. moqzy's Avatar
    Well I have little experience with Verizon specifically, but as far as the phone industry in general is concerned I believe Verizon would go according to the birthdate you gave them when you set up your account and/or your DOB listed on your credit report when they pulled it. Whether they actually care to check DOB is another question (sort of like Sprint and how they don't check if you actually work for the company you claim to).

    Anyone work for Verizon to confirm this?
    01-31-2011 05:23 PM