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    I recently bought a Nexus 6 and switched to Cricket and am now having a new problem. (Previously I was with a Moto X (2013) on Republic Wireless). Now, it seems like I can't get group texts or MMS messages from SOME iPhone users.

    Specifically, I initiated a group conversation in messanger, and got replies from some Android users. Later I saw on a friend's (android) phone that some iPhone users had responded and I had not seen their responses. Today, for testing purposes I experimented with two group conversations:

    1) with an android user (wife) and one of the iPhone users (a friend) whose messages I lost in the group conversation referenced above, and
    2) with my wife (android) and roommate (iPhone).

    1) I could not see replies from the iPhone in the group thread. My wife could. I was able to see his text messages sent to me only, but not a picture message.
    2) Everything worked perfectly, I could see my roommates's replies in the group thread and photos sent to me and the group. I mucked around turning iMessage on and off and enabling/disabling some other features. Nothing seemed to prevent me from texting back and forth (there was an option to disable MMS and when selected her texts came through still, it just didn't appear to be attached to the group chat on my end).

    A few possibly relevant points:
    -I've never had any iDevice (my phone number is not in the iMessage database).
    -I called Cricket, they couldn't identify any problem on their end, though, I'm not sure what to ask for or what they checked.

    Since I just switched phones and carriers, I'm expecting this is an issue with one of those two things since this is a new problem for me. How can I make sure I don't miss people's messages?
    08-30-2015 07:54 PM

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