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    I'm being billed through Google-Play. I want to end the subscription. How???
    09-07-2015 02:06 PM
  2. srkmagnus's Avatar
    Here you go: https://help.pandora.com/customer/po...subscription#3

    If you purchased your Pandora One subscription from the Google Play Store, you can cancel your subscription from the Pandora App Detail page on your Android device here:

    Select ‘Cancel’ then ‘Yes’ to confirm.

    You can also use the following steps to cancel your subscription from your Android device:

    1. Launch the ‘Google Play Store.'.
    2. Tap the ‘Menu’ icon then ‘My Apps’
    3. Choose ‘Subscriptions’ to see the list of all active subscriptions - note that expired subscriptions will not appear on this menu.
    4. Then select Pandora to view additional information about the subscription, including the expiration or renewal date.

    From this screen, you can change your payment method for your Pandora One subscription or cancel.

    For further help, you can get in touch with the Google Play support team here.

    Note: Managing in-app subscriptions is not available on the Google Play website. At this time, subscriptions must be managed from the device itself.
    09-09-2015 12:57 PM

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