1. cognus's Avatar
    This is disturbing, and I'm wondering if it is actually a "bug" - a breach in security that needs patching.

    If you, for instance, sell your phone [remove your sim card and SD Card] and hand it off to the happy new 'droid owner, but you failed to do a Hard Reset, the new owner would have full access to your Google accounts. Nice.... really nice.

    So, I was thinking of this and just simply shut down the 'droid, went to a pc and logged in to Google account, changed password, logged out.
    Fired up the 'droid, cleared all personal data [from Accounts/applications], and sure enough, the accounts app [i guess] put up a warning notification that there is a login problem. I did not input the new password, just left it in a problem state.

    I go browse over to the Gmail app, and its in great shape - showing all the messages in my inbox, allowing me to manipulate/edit, whatever, just like nothing ever happened.

    1. Did the password change NOT affect some shadow of my Account? is there a duplicate/clone account somewhere in Google's labyrinth that robots its own credentialing?

    2. Or is this a huge BUG? Someone tell me how to report this as a bug and I shall do so.

    how many people will sell, or simply lose, their phones and not do a reset, and leave themselves open like that?
    02-02-2011 04:14 PM