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    this might need thorough explaining, sorry!
    I've been searching for about an hour now an easy/cheap way to be able to stream all of the audio emitted by my Mac (including youtube, hulu, iTunes, DVD's in the drive,.. EVERYTHING that is being played) to my Android. I want to do this because the sound system I current have will then be able to plug into the headphone jack of my droid and essentially I'll have a wireless-ish sound system. The only things that I have come across are Orb, Audiogalaxy, and others that only allow me to stream specifically my iTunes library or only hulu videos. I feel as though there has got to be an app or a way to stream over wifi/3G.

    I considered buying an FM Audio Transmitter and attaching that to my computer then accessing it through my phone, but there are two problems that i'm having with that: 1 it will most likely not be very good quality (it is FM radio after all), and 2 that I don't know of an app that will allow me to tune into nearby radio FM stations (there are, however, plenty that access XM and internet radio like iheartradio but that's just not what i need).

    So then I tried downloading Orb to my Mac but for some reason it's not wanting to open nor (from the website) does it look like i'll be able to stream ANY audio, just my iTunes.

    Please help!!

    UPDATE: I have just recently found an application called "Speaker Share" on the android market which is exactly (i think) what I want, http://code.google.com/p/speakershare/ , and it works on my Mac, but when I download the app onto my phone, it simply shows the Device IP address and which port i'm listening to with a black background and I cannot access a menu or settings or anything.
    02-03-2011 05:52 AM