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    Hi guys, recently I have ads popping up at random times and freezing my phone. I think I have located which app is causing it, a "phone booster" app. However it is not allowing me to delete the app when I go to application manager.

    the unitstall button does not work but only for this app. It does not allow me to change privacy and accessibility settings. But all my other apps do.

    How can I get rid of it???
    09-10-2015 01:32 PM
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    Cross Posted from different topic=================

    I have a similar problem on my Nexus 7 AOS 5.1.1 (after scanning this board, I find that different models of Android have the same problem - but this is the first one topic I saw). Seems to have started with AOS 5??

    Random ads pop up between program launches/calls. If a program calls another program, or does some type of calling routine, the ad launches.
    This is NOT related to any single program or browser, and does not launch every time (seems some time of time factor that controls it.)
    A simple touch of the 'back' button and it closes, no reason to wait.

    Is there some time of system logger app that will keep track of system call action? This would help to find the called/calling program.
    A new problem has just started. Nexus 7 keeps rebooting it self (I have not localized the problem yet - too new) Seems to have something to do with streaming media - not sure yet.

    Any ideas before I do a complete system reset. Rather not since some apps were installed on a limited time trial and can not be reinstalled. (app of the day - maybe the problem came from this app??)
    System Reset would be a Royal Pain!!!
    All my apps (but one) came from Google Play, and that one I know is clean.

    11-05-2015 08:37 PM

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