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    I am very very new to any smartphone, and also very new to a vehicle which has a audio system with built in ability to stream Pandora. (Subaru Outback 2015). Pandora at home works flawlessly with my Samsung Galaxy S6. It will play music for many hours over wifi.
    But,when I have data on and bluetooth the phone to my car there are problems. It works and plays flawlessly but it keeps insisting on "timing out" and dropping at a persistent 3 minute mark. The Subaru entertainment system will display a message "Waiting for Pandora"....
    Then if I simply tap the Home button on the Samsung the music comes up instantly.
    I've tried installing an app call "No Lock" to override the lock-screen... no help there.
    Can you help me? Its distracting in heavy traffic to constantly tend to a phone.
    Thank You,

    PS, I check the Subaru forums and I'm being told it's an Android solution.
    09-11-2015 06:51 PM

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