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    My phone is stuck on the branding logo during boot up, the music played, but the logo stuck halfway.

    It's a Phicomm i600 non-camera version (I am in the army, so it's a red-zone for security purposes) updated to the newest (I forgot which version since it's been 2 months since I last touched it).

    I am tired to smuggling my camera phone into camp as it's a grave offense. Having to go through the nervous issue everytime I book into the camp.

    What happen prior to the phone problem that got me suspicious:
    About 5-10minutes before my phone went into this problem, I was watching some 720p video (anime actually, its 140MB for an anime so I think it's 720 or somewhere along the line). Then it went very hot, but it's not a surprise, as my Sony Z3 has went hot before too. So did my Sony Z. Then it hanged after I exited the video and walk around in the home screen. I gave up and took out the battery after waiting for about 5minutes, and poof, the rest is history written at the next paragraph.

    What happen now everytime:
    I on my phone, the Phicomm logo come out with the Dual Core Technology. Then the next screen will usually have the word swirling in, but it will hang halfway while swirling (but the music played). SOMETIMES (I have to emphasize on this as it's not everytime), the logo will continue after random-timing (depend on how patient I am in waiting and holding on to some hope) swirling in the next moment to complete the word, and the music played again, then awhile (1-2minutes) later, the Dual Core technology comes out again (NOTE: It's the same as the first screen, but it's actually the 2nd, so I basically see the same screen twice, but the first won't have any music or animation).

    What I have done:
    - Remove battery to let it off since the soft-reset doesn't work even after holding for a minute.
    - Reboot at safe mode (the dead android with the '!' I assume is the safe mode?)
    - Then straight away reformat the data/cache
    - Reboot Now from safe mode
    - Waited for up to 15 minutes before (I am still waiting as I am typing this post in anger and abit of rage for this device)

    Weird **** happens:
    After the incident (AND factory reset too), it DID on once into the launcher miraculously! But it is super super lag. Then when I pressed the All-Apps (the circle with squares inside) it hanged at the All-apps screen. There it goes, 10 minutes of wait and still no responds, I put a pillow to it.. (Pulled out the battery I mean)

    I don't if it's a ROM problem or whatever. And I definitely feel that the hardware is not overheated at that moment since I have felt hotter on some HTC M7.

    I am not a tech noob but I am not a mogul too. Just an average guy who knows PC specification more than the salesgirl at some IT shows that is lying to you. Can tell if a good computer guy is trying to lie to you with their bull**** so they can earn their commissions. But not so strong to build my own PC and stuff.

    So please help me as I am a total noob on software engineering (I study aerospace mechanical engineering with only PyScripter and Turtleworld-Python as my background).

    Thanks in advance to anybody that can help.
    09-13-2015 10:25 AM

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