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    I just ordered a 32gb moto x pure. This is my first Android device, I'm hoping I'm not going to be disappointed as I'm kind of winging it. I have been a wp user for three years. My current phone is acting up and there is no new flagship for wp so I going to take a break from wp as much as I hate to do it.

    I figure I would ask some questions while I wait for my phone to ship.

    I plan on still using the Microsoft apps like one drive, outlook, etc. When I take a photo can the photo be sent to my one drive automatically? Can I change out Google for bing search that appears on top of the phone? That reminds me, I read some where that Cortana is in beta. How do I get her installed. She is a must have, she makes my wife jealous.

    I have three different emails I use. Outlook, Gmail and SMTP account. What is the best way to set this up?

    One last question for now is the home screen. Where do I go for different backgrounds and can I have the weather and time on the home screen.

    Thanks in advanced for any info.
    09-15-2015 07:39 PM
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    Welcome to Android Central! You may find this article of interest: Microsoft is surprisingly close to making a decent Android phone | Android Central

    If you want to access those 3 email accounts in the same place, you should be able to add them pretty easily to the stock Email app.

    There are lots of static and live wallpapers you can install from the Google Play Store. Any image can be made into a static wallpaper as well, including any photo you take. Weather and time on your homescreen can be displayed as a widget, of which there are also many 3rd party options on the Play Store (apart from the preinstalled widgets, which are usually kind of boring).

    See this guide for more beginner stuff: http://forums.androidcentral.com/gen...-lollipop.html
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    09-15-2015 08:02 PM
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    Great, just what I was looking for! Thank you.
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    09-16-2015 01:05 PM
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    The Outlook app for Android has a kinda poor reputation, which it has earned, plus it has some security concerns. Suggest that you not even waste time with it. If the stock email app on your new Moto X doesn't quite cut it for you, try another. K-9 and Maildroid are good, but AquaMail is my choice by far. They can handle all your accounts. A simple search in the Play store will find them.

    The default search is, of course, Google and that cannot be changed. Browsers such as Firefox will allow setting a search engine of choice, so that's an option.

    You cannot eliminate the Google search bar unless you install another launcher (aka desktop manager). That will also enable a LOT of customization possibilities. You can't go wrong with Nova Launcher. Again, a simple Play search will find it.

    For the Cortana beta go here (you must agree to be a tester):

    FolderSync can do automatic photo uploads to OneDrive and sync whatever else you want to OneDrive, not just photos:

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    09-16-2015 05:21 PM

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