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    I bought a backup android phone very cheaply, it is called Doogee F2 Ibiza. I rooted it using KingoRoot.

    I am now having to use it as my main phone, but having some serious issues with the storage. I tried to restore a Nandroid backup but as it was installing apps, it told me that I had run out of space.

    I looked and my phone has just 1GB of Internal Storage of which much is now used up. It also has about 4.5GB of phone storage. From what I've read you can't just change allocation of this storage. (If there is a way I would love to hear about it).

    So I tried to store the apps on an sdcard, but this didn't work at all as after reboot I would be signed out of some apps, apps moved to homepage would be gone, etc, etc.

    So is there anyway to solve this? Would a custom ROM solve the issue?

    I have looked online and there don't seem to be any custom ROMS specifically for my phone at all.

    Are all ROMS phone specific or can I use the same ROM for different phones? If so how could I go about lgetting a 'generic' ROM that would be right for my phone?

    Thanks very much
    10-12-2015 03:33 AM

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