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    I am very faithful to Blackberry - had z10 for a long time (prior to that several curves and pearl). Currently awaiting for a new slab phone from BlackBerry but doesn't look like it is coming anytime soon and BlackBerry are now focusing on Android with the forthcoming Priv device.

    So the reality hits me and I need to start looking for a suitable replacement as my z10 is not getting any younger. I don't really want the Priv as I am not looking for a keyboard phone.

    So here in the UK, I went into a Vodafone shop and saw a cheap phone (Vodafone smart ultra -only 125 gbp) and played around with it just to get an idea of what to expect. It was vanilla lollipop.

    It was depressing looking at that phone. I was so used to the extreme power and efficiency of BB10 and lollipop certainly is different and 'looks' more inefficient. Additionally that phone is made out of plastic and felt cheap and only then I started to appreciate the build quality of my z10.

    I then saw a Samsung galaxy note 4 (but didn't have chance play around with it) and when handling that phone , the quality felt more on par / superior with my z10 - however it's extremely expensive

    Can anyone recommend a good android phone suitable as a step up for z10 users? Is vanilla lollipop really the way forward for us z10 users or is some kind of overlay is recommended? (change is horrible but I have to get used to it! ) What do you guys recommend? I am looking for a quality slab phone, either normal size or phablet.

    Many thanks for your advice and help in choosing my next phone!
    10-12-2015 07:04 PM

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