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    I have an htc one m8 on Tmobile. I bought it used and have been using it for a little less than a year. It has essentially gotten to the point of being almost unusable on a regular basis. Sometimes it'll work "alright" and other times it'll take 30+ seconds to open apps, switch windows, go back to the home screen, open the camera, take a picture, etc. Sometimes the phone will just become completely non-responsive and not turn on or off for a good 10-20 minutes no matter what I do.

    One of the more annoying of these issues is that text messages will often just be "pending" for ever. Or they'll say "sent" but not actually send, or they'll say "pending" or "failed" but actually have sent. I've tried it on the stock htc messenger, google's messenger (which has been the least reliable sadly), and Textra. All have these issues.

    Several times I've contacted Tmobile wondering if the texting thing is a network problem and they've immediately said, "oh you have too many text messages on your phone, that explains all the problems."

    First of all I don't even text that much, but okay, I've set my texting app to "delete old messages" and to keep only like 20 per thread. It says it'll only delete them if "limits are reached". What constitutes limits being reached? How will I know if my phone is properly deleting these things? I have a ton of onboard storage because I really don't have many apps installed, no music, and not all that many texts, so I know my storage limits aren't reached.

    How do you manage texts on Android otherwise? And is this actually any of the problem with my phone?
    10-15-2015 12:15 PM
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    My wife's M8 on Verizon (which is about a year and a half old or so) is seriously starting to lag and glitch, so it may have more to do with the aging hardware. We've tried cache partition wipes (https://support.t-mobile.com/docs/DOC-10672) and a factory reset, without much help.

    It's true that if you have thousands upon thousands of saved text messages, that may bog the Messaging app down, but it shouldn't affect the rest of the phone's performance. You could always try a factory reset and see if the performance improves, but if it doesn't, it may be time for a new phone.
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    10-15-2015 12:47 PM
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    Eh, I was afraid of this. I had the same thing happen with my Htc Evo 4g lte back in the day and I was hoping that wasn't going to be a repeat situation. I've tried deleting as much as I can from the phone without factory wiping and it's not made a difference. It actually seems to be at its very worst when the phone is charging. I don't know if the quickcharge has just fried the insides or what (it gets seriously hot when it's plugged in), but it just chugs along and glitches all over the place when it's charging.

    Luckily my Nexus 6P is already ordered! Can't wait to throw this phone out the window. Lol
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    10-16-2015 01:24 PM
  4. B. Diddy's Avatar
    The fact that the phone gets so hot when charging reinforces the possibility that the hardware is just failing. Have fun with the 6P! I'm probably going to order one as well (once they get back in stock ).
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    10-16-2015 05:12 PM

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