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    I bought a secondhand Note 3 from eBay. It's an Australian N9005 model. I live in the UK.

    •I've had it two days, but I have noticed that the battery life is poor. Maybe lasting 6-8 hrs with normal use. I've used a few apps to check the health of the battery, and they say that the battery is "good". I've heard that some phones from different parts of the world have battery life issues due to the different radio bands (I think), but I think that AU and UK have the same ones, so that shouldn't be an issue?

    Android System and Android OS often seem to be taking up a lot of power.

    •I'm not sure if Lollipop has made it to all the Note 3s in the UK, but I don't think it's on Australian ones at the moment. My handset is Vodafone Australia unlocked and using EE UK sim (meaning that some of the software, like MyMagazine, is Australian). Is there any way to make my handset factory reset to UK? Or would I need to flash a rom? Or is there anyway that I can get the handset to try and download any firmware updates from the UK (EE) rather than from Vodafone Australia?

    Apart from that, it's a huge improvement over the Note 1 I'd still been using
    10-17-2015 04:15 AM

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