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    so every time i log onto my phone my phone background consisdts of nude pictures, and it changes every time, and i dont have those pictures... could it be hacking??? ive done factory reset
    10-21-2015 12:35 PM
  2. Mooncatt's Avatar
    Possibly one of the apps you installed is doing it. I'd suggest doing another factory reset and selecting not to auto restore your apps during setup. Use the phone a while to make sure it's not showing anything it shouldn't be. If it's good when bone stock, start adding apps one at a time manually. Install one, then use the phone a while to make sure it's ok before moving on to the next. Also check the reviews of the apps on Play/Amazon before installing to see if others report this issue.

    If you're installing apps from places other than Play or Amazon, then who knows what you're getting. For example, some sites offering paid apps for free like to infect the apps with malware. So always be very leery of all other app sites.
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    10-21-2015 10:38 PM

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