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    I have a Samsung GT i9000 that I want to install on my car as a navigation/car stereo.

    Everything is very straight forward. I'm planning on framing the phone on the car's dashboard, using a USB car charger connected to the fusebox, and the headphone plug connected to a stereo amplifier to drive the speakers.

    I'd like to know if and how I could be able to use the Samsung as bluetooth hands free to my One Plus One, so I can use the microphone and speakers of the Samsung to replicate the audio from the OPO phone calls and perhaps to use the bluetooth connection in order to access music stored in my OPO.

    As the Samsung is running on a SlimKat ROM and I feel like this isn't the best performance I could get from the phone, I'd appreciate any help on how to setup and configure the Samsung in order to get the following:

    1 - Samsung as a bluetooth hands free system to connect to my personal Android phone

    2 - Be able to access music stored in my personal Android Phone, from the Samsung.

    3 - Offline GPS navigation

    4 - If possible, voice recognition to be able to command the Samsung without distractions.

    I will not need most stock apps, such has calculator, Calendar, Contacts ( I won't be using a SIM card on the Samsung), Camera, Flashlight, etc.

    I'm willing to change to another ROM that might suit my needs better than the SlimKat ROM.

    For this project I have available some choices on phones. I'd also appreciate some help choosing the best one for this project. The choices are:

    - Samsung GT I9000
    - Samsung GT S7500
    - Samsung GT - S5839I

    Any help would be very appreciated.

    Thank you in advance.
    10-30-2015 10:36 AM

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