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    I would really like to be able to understand the expressions more
    10-30-2015 12:35 PM
  2. SpookDroid's Avatar
    I, like you, feel the Android blobs are very ugly and furthermore, they don't express the same thing the original emojis do, which sucks. Unfortunately, what also sucks, is that the emojis are system-dependent and/or app-dependent.

    If the app you're using doesn't force a custom font for emoji (like Whatsapp does or the internal Facebook engine once you've posted the message), then the system font takes over. It depends on the Android version you have and if the phone manufacturer made any customization to that font on how you see emojis being displayed. Some apps also let you select different emoji styles, like ChompSMS.

    You can root your phone and replace the font or find a ROM with font customization that includes emoji (for instance, Samsung phones support custom fonts out of the box, but those fonts don't include emoji).
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    10-30-2015 01:08 PM

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