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    A few days ago I was messing with my rooted Polaroïd Pro 5023 PW and I somehow ended up deleting Phone.apk (/system/app/phone.apk). Since I had a backup of the file I tried and restore it to its original location using Root Explorer, then ES File Explorer. But now I am unable to make or receive a call, lost my signal (red cross on top of the screen next to the clock), I am also unable to view my contacts. I tried several phone.apk's but non of them worked. Changed the permissions to rw-r--r-- but to no avail.

    From what I read here I think I have to mount something somewhere since system apps can't be directly installed?

    I also tried pushing the stock Phone.apk using Quick Adb Pusher V0.5, no success.

    I hope someone reads this and finds the solution to my problem.
    10-31-2015 03:20 AM

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