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    Im using prestigio multipad 4 quantum7.85. I had a movie on it and wanted to connect it to my tv. I tried connecting it as usb mass storage, and tv asked me if i wanted to format the disk so i said yes. Anyway that didnt work and my sd card unmounted. Now tablet says its connected to pc, even if it isnt, and i cant access sd card (internal). Also, i cant seem to open the tablet by hand to physicly remove and insert sd. Please helpppp!! Thank you!!!
    11-02-2015 04:46 AM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! First, connecting a tablet to a TV typically will not allow the TV to play a movie file. Most TVs can't do this even with a USB flash drive--the USB port is usually for installing firmware updates (but you can read your TV's manual to see what its functions are).

    Second, by choosing the "format disk" option when your tablet was connected to the TV, you probably wiped the tablet's internal storage clean. Keep in mind that internal storage is often referred to as an "internal SD" which can't be removed. I'm not sure if you can recover that tablet. See if you can do a factory reset.
    11-02-2015 01:54 PM

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