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    Hi, I've been using Greenify for quite a while, and love it. However, recently my Note 4 has been turning on by itself with a dim display, closings apps and shutting off again. I believe that is the process to shut off apps after you've shut the phone off for a few minutes, but mine is doing it at random times, and because it is dim I can't particularly see the first app each time it is shutting off.

    I keep a list of every app I install and changes I make to the system, because I have run into problems with installed apps before, so now I reverse uninstalled all apps that I recently installed, and it is still doing the same thing! Is there some way/some app for me to tell what is causing it to turn on and shut down apps over and over? I really like Greenify, and I know it's not taking a lot of juice to turn on and do the close thing, but it is irritating every time I hear it turn on, make the popping sound to close apps, and shuts off again. PLEASE HELP!!!

    11-23-2015 05:47 PM

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