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    Hey guys,
    my phone updated its software yesterday, and everything looks great, but I have a few problems:

    1.) It says "No sim card."

    2.) Previously, the front camera had the option to put your palm up to activate the camera... I can no longer find this function.

    3.) I CANNOT FOR THE LIFE OF ME change the hideous blue default background it swapped to after the update. My lock screen is still the one I picked out, but my home screen WILL NOT budge. I've tried shutting it down multiple times, clearing program caches, etc. I tried changing it directly from the image, then I also tried going to setting and display options... It gives me the options clearly, but it won't even change to other default images. This is really, really annoying me, plese help!
    11-26-2015 01:25 PM

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