1. AC Question's Avatar
    My phone wont stop showing the little loading icon to power off. it says "Shutting down..." but it has been like 30 minutes. I cannot take out the battery because it is the hydro, so i would have to unscrew the back cover off.
    11-27-2015 01:55 AM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! You can usually force a shutdown by pressing and holding Power for 15-20 seconds. If that doesn't work, try holding Power and Vol Down at the same time for that duration.
    11-27-2015 02:55 AM
  3. Unicorn Lover's Avatar
    I cant turn on my Kyocera hydro icon without pulling the battery and putting it back in. Whats wrong with it?
    05-09-2018 06:44 PM

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