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    LG realm was fine 1 minute, then i was charging it and went to turn on, and all i see is this error boot certification has to be verify , and it just kept doing it, quick vibrate then the logo looping ....I managed to get it into recovery screen i went down the list...i did a factory reset then reboot, it went right into the logo boot error again...i wiped cache partition, apply update with cache, recovery, took me right back to main screen of recovery....rebooted again....still nothing...just shows error boot certification verify and just cycles thru that.....i chatted with LG tech support...they said to ship it to them, probably needs firmware/software reinstalled now.....maybe i did something, when phone was updating , i dont know....i was on facebook before i charged the phone....had the phone a little over a yr, so warranty is done....i pd 88 bucs for it, itll cost way more to send it to get fixed.......i love this phone though, never had issues til now.....anyone have any suggestions of how i can fix this myself??? thanks
    11-30-2015 12:28 PM

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