1. Longstone's Avatar
    I'm moving from Windows phone and I'm still getting used to the android os again so I appreciate your patients.

    Currently I can go into contacts and choose to save a contact as a direct call or direct text. What I would like to do is save a group conversation in the same way. Essentially create a group conversation and save that to my home screen so that when I open it I know I'm texting all of the individuals at once.

    For this specific example I've been texting my wife and daughter. Instead of opening the messaging app scrolling through and finding the group I would like to pin that group to the home screen the same way I've done their individual direct text links.

    Is there a way to do this?
    12-04-2015 08:52 AM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    I'm not aware of a homescreen shortcut or widget that can do that. I imagine that something like that would be problematic, since text conversations are more likely to be deleted (as opposed to the contacts themselves). You could try something like SMS Widget, which shows all of the ongoing conversations.
    12-04-2015 11:19 AM

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