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    Hi everyone, I recently switched from WP8.1 to a Note 5, and one of the things I noticed right off the bat is that I can't seem to get SMS to work through my car's audio system over bluetooth. With Windows/Cortana, if I got a text while paired, I'd get a bluetooth "call" over top of whatever I was listening to, it'd read the text, and then let me dictate a reply and send. I did see that Google Now can send texts, but it doesn't seem to read them, and also doesn't seem to support dictating replies, especially when the screen is locked. I tried the Cortana beta for Android, but that doesn't seem to support SMS this way either. Is there any way to get a similar experience with Android on my Samsung?

    I'd also like to get a long press of the voice button in my car to trigger something on my phone (looks like they did this for Siri)-not sure if that's possible or not.

    12-04-2015 11:40 PM

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