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  1. AC Question's Avatar
    Hey there!
    When off wifi the google play services keep in on the mobile radio for far too long.
    Therefore Google Play services arme at the top of my battery consumption Chart. When Connected to wifi its Fine and i get decent battery life.
    Without wifi the service drains 1-2%/h in idle.

    I tried to delete all updates of the Google Play services and reupdate aftwards. Restarts etc. didnt help either.

    I have a Honor 7.

    Any ideas? Thanks!
    12-28-2015 10:03 AM
  2. belodion's Avatar
    What is your mobile signal like? Tap the battery usage graph to open it if you can, showing the Signal and Awakes history since last unplugging. It would be helpful if you make a screenshot and post it here. You'd have to register as a member, but you'll be welcome.
    12-28-2015 10:42 AM
  3. yyahalla's Avatar
    Here some screenshots.
    Attached Thumbnails Google Play Services - Mobile Radio active battery drain, any ideas?-image1-kopie.jpg   Google Play Services - Mobile Radio active battery drain, any ideas?-image2.jpg   Google Play Services - Mobile Radio active battery drain, any ideas?-image3.jpg  
    12-28-2015 11:03 AM
  4. belodion's Avatar
    Thank you, and welcome as a new member.

    Your mobile signal is not good, which will tend to cause increased battery consumption as the phone struggles to maintain a connection. There isn't much that you can do about that.

    For the high battery drain caused by the top three system apps, try first a Cache Partition wipe.
    12-28-2015 01:51 PM
  5. yyahalla's Avatar
    Did that a couple of times. No change.
    Can't believe that the bad connection is responsible for all the drain. My 6 year old iPhone 4 had better Standby than this...
    12-28-2015 02:21 PM
  6. yyahalla's Avatar
    Especially since connecting to wifi fixes the problem completely
    12-28-2015 02:29 PM

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