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    I got this message when I use a remax cable for the first time after two years of using the phone. I had use other cables when the original cable was unusable, but non of them show me this message even I overcharge it when I charge overnight. My phone is a ninetology Z1+ with a Li-ion 2000mAh battery. I charge my phone when it was below 10% up to 99% when my phone sound continuously with a sound I never heard from my phone before. It took time about 2 hours+ to reach 99%. And I think this cable also was the one that cause a powerbank to expand and become unusable (this powerbank originally got problem so I first thought it was the powerbank's problem), I glad it didn't explode. Do you think this black remax cable which have a steel casing along the wire is original quick charging cable that may endanger phone and phone accessory or a not original remax cable?
    12-29-2015 06:42 AM

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