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    I've finally taken the plunge and am giving Android a try after years of using an iPhone, and many years prior to THAT an iTunes user. As I'm waiting on my phone to arrive I'm wanting to get prepared for a seamless transition, or as least painful transition. therefore, as the title asks, what are the best ways or programs to go about syncing my established libraries with my new (in-transit) Android phone?

    To begin, I have done some research and found iSyncr to be one of the more recommended apps and desktop programs to interface with iTunes, which *should* take care of my music/movies/books/podcasts.. correct?

    What about my established photo library nestled into my iPhoto (or "Photos" as it's now called) profile on my Mac? I haven't found much info with regards to syncing photos taken on an Android phone with the iPhoto library. This typically happens when I connect the iPhone, but tbh am not sure if it is controlled via iTunes, and therefore possible to be controlled via iSyncr, or if I must re-connect the phone like it is a "camera". thoughts, ideas, insight?

    The other prgram I sync with is "Contacts" on my Mac. This may not be a huge deal as I typically edit and add contacts on my phone, only to sync them for backup on my computer, however it would be nice to know the proper way to have them interact with each other, IF it is possible. For this I DO know this is taken care of through iTunes when using an iPhone, via a check-box, however I see no mention oon iSyncr's website that it does any syncing beyond music/movies.

    For those that have made the switch from iPhone to Android, or for those that use an Apple/Mac computer with your Android and utilize Apples built in programs (Photos, Contacts, etc)... any recommendations?

    01-04-2016 02:59 PM
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    Figured I'd update this In case anyone is in similar shoes and runs across this thread during a search.

    My Motorola Moto X Pure (2015) was delivered last night and I spent the better part of 4 hours trying to transfer my data (pictures, music and contacts), and here are my findings, and what worked.

    Contacts: After getting my phone, starting the setup and then visiting my AT&T store for a new sim (needed a nano instead of previous micro) the first thing I tackled was transferring my contacts, as I figured photo's and music would be easy, or at least easier. I found an article from October detailing ~5 ways to transfer your contacts from an iDevice to Android. I tried 3 of those ways with no success. After ~2.5 hours of doing a CSV export and import to Google contacts, syncing iContacts to google, and copy/pasting from icontacts to numbers (excel) and saving as CSV, I was frustrated and broke for dinner. BTW, when I say no sucess, I mean the contacts would import/transfer, but the phone numbers and addresses wound up in the "Notes" field rather than in their respective places, regardless how I labeled the excel fields. Grrr..... Durign dinner my wife reminds me about the app she used when transferring to her windows phone... I'm not sure why I didn't think of it, nor why the AT&T guy think of it when asking, however... for MY Carrier at least, there is an app available on ALL the stores (iStore/Gplay/Windows Apps) called AT&T Mobile Transfer that will make your life so much easier. I loaded the app up on both devices, followed the pretty straight forward instructions and BAM... within 20 minutes I had all my contacts synced with my new phone, as well as all my photo's.

    Photo's: Prior to activating and switching from my iPhone, I synced all my photo's on my old phone with my computer photo program, so was not too concerned with getting the current or "old" photo's onto my new phone, as I downloaded the Android File Transfer program and saw how easy it would be to drag-n-drop. I was pleased that the carrier transfer app transferred those photos for me though. Since it was late I didn't mess with the camera too much, but I am planning to see if my photo program (Apple Photos) recognizes the phone as a camera or some such device so I can import directly from it, rather than drag-n-drop method. I'll report back later on this...

    Music: As I mentioned in my initial post, I followed through and used iSyncr to sync my music library and playlists I wished to have on my new phone. Aside from the desktop iSyncr calling the Moto X a Moto G, and the android music app looking foreign to me, everything seemed to transfer over fine musically, however some album art did not Not a huge deal but... would've been nice.
    01-07-2016 12:16 PM

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