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    I'm using a Samsung Galaxy ACE III Mini; my husband has a Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 on android pay as you go. For the last three weeks or so in the BS16 area of Bristol we've had virtually no 3G service and the network continually reports no service. We can't ring out on our phones and we can't receive calls, either. I'm on EE (Orange, but have to connect to T-Mobile in this part of the world), my husband is on Virgin. Our phones don't work downstairs but will work upstairs though with a weak signal, but the network problem occurs on WIFI and 3G. I've reported it countless times to EE and though they say there have been problems with the service around and about they insist they've have been fixed. I beg to differ.

    The phones have been reset over and over again; did the airplane mode method; switched the damn things off and on again. Nothing seems to work! The phones work fine away from home!

    Over the road from us they are building a Metrobus system which I believe is the cause of the problem, but although EE admitted that 'due to H&S issues' they have had difficulties accessing the site (there is a network station around there) they insist they've resolved the faults.

    I wondered if it was our WIFI router (Virgin Media) and thought about resetting it as the EE network drops frequently on WIFI. Then I switched off WIFI. I also disabled mobile data. Still no signal, but the phone worked. As soon as I put mobile data back on and 3G came back,I couldn't ring out, though the internet worked, now I'm getting no service again, so that tells me there's a problem with 3G. I get a warning to say I can't connect to a network while mobile data is on anyway if you're not on WIFI, so I have to disable that option before reconnecting.

    I went onto the Virgin Media forum. I got this reply from someone:

    'What is happening, as well as introduction of 4G for EE customers, is rationalisation of the former Orange & T-Mobile 2G & 3G network base stations. This means some base stations now have altered capacity, or in some cases have been removed altogether. EE have tried to keep coverage uniform, but there is always scope for local issues to crop up in this situation.'

    When I mentioned this to EE they didn't comment.

    If this means my 3G has been beggared up because of it I won't be happy and neither will my husband as Virgin is nowhere near adoping 4G yet and my phone isn't 4G ready!

    If anyone here has an answer as EE don't (made a complaint) I'd love to hear it! Getting totally pssd off with this now!

    Thanks for reading.
    01-17-2016 05:06 AM
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    I believe that Virgin uses the EE network. If you are unable to use that network satisfactorily, could you not switch to another?
    01-17-2016 08:38 AM

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