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    I've tried to find the answer to this but most people want to go the other way, they wish to force installation of applications onto the sd card.

    I have a HTC Desire HD and I believe that the APPS2SD functionality is the cause for my unexpected sdcard auto unmounting, and certainly using Andoids Application setting and looking at specific apps on the SDCARD tab will cause unmounting. I've been moving those I can to the phone and this seems to help.

    In any case is there an Android (or HTC) way of preventing applications installing onto the SDCARD? I suppose I can unmount the card while installing (which I'll try next time) but even if that works it will be a pain.

    If no "official" way perhaps changing permissions on "/mnt/secure/asec", although I'm on an unrooted phone.

    Thanks for any suggestions...
    02-26-2011 01:32 AM

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