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    I'm in the early stages of a start-up company. I'm searching for an app that fits the following basis as closely as possible. I've searched for these types of apps before, and plenty of them exist, I'm just not having any luck. If anyone here may have an idea for one, I'd greatly appreciate it.

    Basis: an app that is available on android phone that can hold multiple customer accounts in an inventory style database. This database holds a list of minimum quantity inventories for each customer. While in a specific customers' inventory, you have the option to enter current inventories (when a bar code is scanned for a specific part, the app will ask for a quantity; after entered it will update the database with the current quantity for that specific part). After all parts have been scanned and updated, the app will compare those to the minimum quantities and create a report/pick list of what is needed to get everything back to minimum quantities. The app should be able to transmit via Bluetooth to a printer in order to print the pick list. Ideally, this will also export the pick lists to another computer that can use the spreadsheets to track trends and create graphs.
    01-29-2016 11:13 PM

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