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    Let's say that I'm watching a video from Showbox using MX video player from the network and then start hearing a sound that would suggest that there's a problem with the speaker cabling. A few mins. afterward the tablet goes dark; then, after giving it a charge I no longer have th date norvtime set correctly, which inhibits internet connections.

    I most state that the original P/S stopped working many months ago and I'm using another less powerful one that gets really hot. I thought that at those hot temperatures it was the P/S itself that that was draining the battery but have some doubts about it.

    Could this point to something else? A virus? An app that's not behaving as expected? A design fault?

    Thanks in advanced for any kind help on this!
    02-01-2016 10:41 AM
  2. treetopsranch's Avatar
    You didn't say what android tablet but it sounds like you need to get a new one.
    02-01-2016 10:50 AM
  3. Almeuit's Avatar
    We do not discuss illegal activities on this forum. This is strictly prohibited.
    Thread closed.
    02-01-2016 11:06 AM

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