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    hi guys , i am from brazil and i am in united states now ... i do need a tough smartphone , i had iphones , sansung s5 , motorolas and a few others , and none of them could handle me, none of them had a rugged case anyway , i do want to buy a good smartphone , but i need something that can handle 1-2 drops daily . so i need a tough smartphone, or a smartphone that have a market rugged case capable of protecting him , i do have 500-700 dolars to spend, we use gsm on brazil ...

    i do prefer pure android , good screen , good batery life , good processors , good camera , good memory (Expandable by memory card )

    i don't care about finger print , beauty , fit the hand , size ,weight ,material .

    i already had a look at sansung s6 active . but i don't like touchwiz , and would be great to have him and buy a case to be sure , but looks like no one sells case for him ...
    and i am looking to buy a iphone with a good case , i do prefer android ... but in last case will be a iphone :/....

    sorry for bad english and i appreciate any help on this matter .
    02-07-2016 10:27 PM
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    It's going to be the case, not the phone. The cheapest ruggedized phones are WAY out of your (ans almost evceryone else's) budget - they're made for the military. But an Otterbox Defender or a Lifeproof case makes any phone pretty rugged. (The problem is that neither one makes cases for all phones, so look on their sites, see what phones they make cases for, and choose among those.)

    I've actually flung my phone against a wall when it was in an Otterbox Defender (my elbow caught the cable as I turned), and nothing happened to the phone, the case or the wall, although I WAS expecting to see a hole in the wall when I heard how hard it hit. You probably can't drive over it, and the Otterbox case isn't waterproof (the Lifeproof case is pretty water resistant), but they're both almost as tough as the old Nextel ruggedized phones. (We used to fling them to the floor, strongly, to demonstrate to customers how tough they were.)

    As for TouchWiz, I run a Samsung phone - but I run the Nova Launcher on it. I can't stand TouchWiz. (It's still installed, in case someone here asks for help with it - I can run it if I need to.) (Otterbox makes a Defender for the S6 Active. Lifeproof makes one for the S6. (Don't depend on a phone itself being waterproof - if it's fully closed up it should withstand a rain almost heavy enough to make you seek shelter, but dropping the phone into 3 meters of water will probably ruin it. A waterproof phone would be warrantied against water damage.)
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    02-07-2016 11:34 PM
  3. Felipepg's Avatar
    thank you for your answer , i would love waterproof cases, but its not my main problem , my main problem is dropping it daily , i will look after otterbox defender case ... thank you ....
    02-08-2016 09:39 AM
  4. Felipepg's Avatar
    i am having a huge problem to find a sansung s6 active , unlocked ... will try on at&t itself , tomorrow , but i do accept another sugestions .... active + otterbox would be better solution for me :/... but is hard to find
    02-08-2016 11:49 PM

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